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Headwaters Deal "Sacrifice Zone"
Clearcutting Imminent

September 07, 2000



We just learned that the California Department of Forestry (CDF) is
intending to approve Timber Harvest Plan (THP) 1-99-475HUM as early as
Friday morning, September 8th, 2000. This directly contradicts CDF's earlier
promise to not approve controversial timber harvest plans on a Friday
afternoon, to prevent the possibility of a weekend massacre, before
citizens get a chance to challenge the logging in court. That promise was
made only a week ago, and was made in a discussion regarding this very plan.

This THP is one of six plans Maxxam has submitted in the Rainbow Ridge area
of the Mattole watershed. The proposed logging will fragment 3,000 acres
of ancient forests by clearcutting 250 acres in 29 units spread throughout
the North Fork Mattole basin. This is the first of the so-called "sacrifice
zones" in which PL is allowed, under the terms of the Headwaters Deal
Habitat Conservation Plan to ignore the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Andrea Tuttle, Director of CDF, Ross Johnson, Deputy Director of Resource
Management, Dean Lucke, Assistant Deputy Director of Resource Management,
and Roger Thompson, Deputy Chief Forest Practices, all need to hear from
you tonight and early Friday morning!

Tell them that it is not OK for them to approve these controversial timber
harvest plans that will fragment the largest stand of unprotected,
contiguous lowland, old-growth Douglas fir in California, and especially
not on a Friday. We as citizens of this community, state and nation have a
right to challenge Maxxam's intent to destroy our forests and watersheds.
Approval of this plan on Friday will likely mean that Maxxam will send a
logging crew in over the weekend, and destroy the forest before it can be
legally challenged on Monday.

Please call now!

Andrea Tuttle   916-653-7772
Ross Johnson   916-653-4298
Dean Lucke   707-576-2904
Roger Thompson   707-576-2950
North Coast Timber Monitors

North Coast Timber Monitors needs $ to pay for legal costs, backwoods equipment, monitoring equipment.

We are also teaming up with other local non-profits to raise money to purchase the forest and create a protective land trust for the few thousand acre Rainbow Ridge Old Growth Complex.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 117
Petrolia CA 95558
(707) 441-3828
Arrangements can be made for tax - deductible donations through a participating non-profit org 501c3.
For more information about this issue, contact EPIC at (707-923-2931) or visit their website at
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