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Mattole THP Status October 5, 2000


(see THP Notes for more information on individual THPs)

THP 475

Judge Cissna, Humboldt County Superior Court, has taken our motion for a Preliminary Injunction under advisement and will be ruling soon. Purportedly he has the papers "on his desk." Should he rule in our favor, there will be no logging until a trial is held, no sooner than December and he may require posting of a bond (PL attorney requested it be $50,000). If he denies the injunction, we will have to seek a stay in the California Appellate Court in San Francisco.

THP 218

CDF approved THP 218, the "salvage" of downed trees felled illegally back in Sulphur Creek Summer of '98 when the then THPs 307 and 413 were declared illegally approved by CDF. There is no legal challenge to THP 218. Judges don't see what's wrong with salvage logging, regardless of the impacts and should we go after it in court, it might have jeopardized our pursuit of other improperly approved THPs.

THP 031

Word is that THP 031 will likely be approved as soon as Tuesday, October 10. This is a plan that cuts down the old growth groves that dot the prairies on Long Ridge. Long Ridge connects Taylor Peak with Rainbow Ridge and divides the North Fork from the East Branch North Fork. There are ten old growth Douglas-fir units mixed with mature hardwoods. The logging calls for taking these soil stabilizing trees right down to the headwall swales, where landsliding in the past has made these areas overly steep (up to 100% slopes). These forests are healthy edge habitat to the prairies, give one the impression of what much of the landscape looked like in pre-settlement times, and are dramatically beautiful with their stature and views of the ocean some ten miles distant. Logging of these units will generate landslides below them into the North Fork as well as remove important Northern Goshawk, golden eagle, American Peregrine Falcon and Spotted Owl habitat.

Prepare for action should this THP be approved.

THP 020

No timetable for approval of THP 020, the most precarious of situated THPs in the Mattole, is known as of this time. It will be soon, though. THP 020 is perched above the East Branch between its confluence with Sulphur and Allwardt Creeks. It is extremely steep ground and surrounded by landslides from previous Maxxam THPs done in the late 80s.

THP 260

No timetable for approval with this one either. It is in Allwardt Creek and adjacent to the disastrous THP 1-87-476 which continues to slide and dump sediment into the watercourses.

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