humboldt county sherriff posing as Maxxam security guard

Mattole Defense
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Update: 12/12/2000, from the Mattole Forest Defenders

On 12/11/2000, Maxxam security Carl Anderson, and a couple sheriffs stopped by the blockade around 1:30pm, cut some ropes, cited an individual and left. They threatened to come back later that evening. As of the morning 12/12/2000, it was raining and no sign of them.


Mattole Forest Defenders Needs

Please call

John Campbell, Pacific Lumber Co., 707-764-2222, FAX-707-764-4269
Charles Hurwitz, Maxxam Corp, 713-975-7600, FAX-713-952-4795

Ask them to hold off logging in the Mattole for one year so the community can assess and raise the funds to purchase the entire 14,000 acre holdings. Also demand that they treat non-violent activist as humans beings and stop endangering their lives with falling trees.

Humboldt County Sherriff Dennis Lewis, (707)-445-7251

Demand they stop endangering non-violent activists by allowing Pacific Lumber and Columbia to fall trees recklessly and so close to activist. Ask them how much of our taxpayer dollars they intend to spend to protecting Maxxam's logging of ancient forest in the Mattole. Remind them the situation in the Mattole is no different from the circumstances that led to the murder of David Gypsy Chain two years ago. The penalty for trespassing is not death.

Mattole Forest Defense at 707-441-3828.
Donations can be sent to:
POB 117, Petrolia, CA 95558.


Mattole Defense
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