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Treesitters in the Mattole were attacked again on Saturday(05/26/01) morning as Lewis Logging employees (contractors hired by Maxxam to clearcut in the Mattole) scaled Douglas Fir trees and assaulted non-violent activist who were occupying them.

Apparently Lewis Logging, paid time and a half for working Saturday on a three day weekend, limbed the trees that activist were in, cut out all their gear and took four pairs of shoes off the feet of activist who bravely hung onto the tops of trees. Trees continued to crash around the occupied grove. One women had her platform cut out from under her and was left dangling with her arms clipped into a lockbox. She sustained extensive bruises and abrasions. Surprisingly there were no arrest as activists were able to wait out the attack. Lewis Logging took it upon themselves to extract these tree-sitters, no Humboldt County Sheriffs were on the scene and the attack violates Maxxam/Pacific Lumber policy on dealing with protestors in woods. (This policy simply states that employees or contractors who encounter protestors in the woods are to not engage with these protestors but to standby and contact the Humboldt County Sheriff to affect an arrest). There is a good chance that some video was taken. Today the woods are quite but Tuesday morning the seige will no doubt continue. Outraged? Call our Board of Supervisors and Maxxam/Pacific Lumber contacts listed below. Lewis Logging phone # is also listed.

Their have been 33 arrests in the Mattole since logging began on May 9th, 52 arrests since November. Four activist remain in Humboldt County jail including one woman who just started a 120 day sentence. Two other activist are scheduled to begin 30 day sentences within the next month. All are non violent forest defenders trying to save the largest unprotected coastal old-growth Douglas Fir forest left in the Pacific Northwest.

John Campbell, Pacific Lumber Co., 707-764-2222, FAX - 707-764-4269
Charles Hurwitz, Maxxam Corp, 713-975-7600, FAX- 713-952-4795
*Lewis Logging, 707-725-5080*

Ask them to hold off logging in the Mattole for one year so the community can assess and raise the funds to purchase the entire 14,000 acre holding. Also demand that they treat nonviolent activist as humans beings and not endanger their lives with falling trees.

Humboldt County Supervisor, Stan Dixon (707)-476-2391
Humboldt County Supervisor, Roger Rodoni (707)-476-2392
Humboldt County Supervisor, John Wooley (707)-476-2393
Humboldt County Supervisor, Bonnie Neely (707)-476-2394
Humboldt County Supervisor, Paul Kirk (707)-476-2395

Please call each of these Humboldt County Supervisor's them how much of our taxpayer dollars they intend to spend protecting Maxxam's logging of ancient forest in the Mattole. Remind them that the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department is not Maxxam's private security force and the protection of the Mattole is supported by a majority of the citizens they represent. Ask them to endorse a plan to have neutral observers out in the Mattole to bore witness to any arrests and to minimize potential violence.

Acting in Concert Rally

Mattole Rally In One Week!
Earth First! will hold a mass public legal rally for the Mattole to bring our community to the public side of Monument gate. The purpose of the rally will be to stand up against the SLAPP lawsuit filed against the Mattole Forest Defenders and to stand up for the endagered ancient forest of the Mattole.

Acting in Concert -- Rally for the Mattole
Sunday, June 3, 2001
12 Noon - 5 pm
Monument Road
Just 10 minutes out of Rio Dell (25 miles South of Eureka)
Bring Family and Friends
Musicians and speakers wanted to act in concert

*No verbal or physical violence
*No weapons
*No illegal drugs
*No alcohol
*Observe fire code
*Bring lunch, snack food, and water
*You will be coming to a timber/ranching community
*Be respectful and aware of your surroundings
*Dress in layers and bring a jacket
*Volunteers needed

Directions: Scotia Exit off Highway 101
Turn toward Scotia then immediate right onto Scotia Bridge (Green)
First left after Bridge (in Rio Dell) is Monument Road (unmarked until you drive a block or two)
Bear left follow Monument Road 4 1/2 - 5 miles (paved)
Park on side of the road -- monitors will guide you. Call 707/825-6598 for info



Mattole Defense
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