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Monday, August 6, 2001

Things have been looking up in Northern California's forests. Hard working activists are giving up all their time and energy to keep alive the second largest remaining stand of Old Growth Douglas Fir in private hands--home to many endangered old-growth-dependant species. The reclaiming of corporate land by activist has been holding strong since November, 2000!!! With around 60 people arrested, as of monday (8-6-01) NOBODY IS IN JAIL!!!!!! This has been an extremely active past couple of months...oh my, where to begin.........

Amazingly, a baby golden eagle was found in Devils Hole (THP 386, unit 4). Abandoned by its parents, this bird was found on the ground and reported by a faller! It was not injured, but possibly fell due to helicopters surveying, This THP was approved WITHOUT being surveyed by fish and game BECAUSE Pacific Lumber biologists said it was not an appropriate habitat for these endangered birds! (they were wrong…oops!) The bird was nursed back to health and returned to the wilderness.

Kim Starr, who was serving 120 days for trespassing and resisting arrest, fought and won the right to have vegan meals in jail, after a long 2 month paper shuffling jamboree and media circus. The court was denying her vegan food as it was not documented in the Jewish religion, once again violating basic civil rights, reminding us that the system continuously sets itself up to fall. The final decision was: vegan food or freedom… and vegan meals it was--boy did this cause a ruckus!! After serving her whole sentence, Kim is free Today!

When Dulce Wickham was arrested, in the spring fiascal, she refused to give her name to the arresting officer believing she had the right to wait until she could talk to a lawyer. The five officers who were there then asked her for a forest name to which she replied "Titty Cacka"--a name they were forced to call her for a few days in jail. She was charged with giving a false ID to an officer, though she never implied that this was her real name, and was thus sentenced to 50 days. She was also granted vegan food--very quick and easy. However she did encounter turbulence as the high and mighty prison system employees interrogated her about her pagan-istic background, insisting that she give the name of a religious leader and location of worship FOR PROOF!!! Dulce is now a free woman.

One strong forest creature named Ayr did a phenomenal job defending himself in pro per. With his impressive character and views, plus a touching song which the court allowed him to play, he showed the truth and strength in his belief and won the hearts of enough of the jury to cause a miss- trial. He's now due for a retrial .

In the woods....... Logging began again in units 1, 2 and 7 of THP 386. Police have been present and two people were arrested and released with court dates. PL and Columbia Helicopter employees (from Oregon) have continued attacking the forest. Activists were present and POSITIVE DIALOUGE has been taking place!!--proving once again it is never us and them.....the Forest is everyone's united. The activists are happy, strong and healthy, creating a culture of corporate resistance in the midst of a global revolution! Yet the trees continue to fall as more and more THP's get filed and rubber stamped by the California Department of Forestry……..........More People! Please! Folks can help out with outreach, THP oversight, lobbying, letter writing and a variety of other creative ways!

The trial of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney against the FBI starts October 1st, 2001 in Oakland Federal Court, keep in touch. see... for details.

Here in the city of Arcata--well, now there is a little less of it--a fire started in the North Coast Environmental Center (NEC). Up in flames went 30 years worth of environmental research archives, the info and supplies of several groups, and a large library of environmental information. The fire spread to Marinos bar and Arcata Paint, leaving nothing but a pile of rubbish. This surprising disaster makes way for a fresh start for the NEC providing a chance to rebuid and perhaps make it even better!!

Well Folks, that about says it all for NCEF! / Mattole Forest Defense. We hope to see YOU soon!
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